Everyone loves playing poker at Gclub, especially because it is less time consuming and more risk taking in a single game. In almost every movie related to money or gambling there is a poker reference. It is usually said that poker is easy to learn but hard to master. This is very true because once you know the rules it takes a long time to actually practice and become better at it. Just like any other game after knowing the rules it takes a long time, hard work and practice to become good at the game. Most of the time people get impressed by the movies and develop the interest, but most movies only spread misconception, it is not always the case that you will win. Here is some of the misconception that you need to consider when playing poker.

Go big or go home

A common saying is “go big or go home” but when it comes to poker you need to play with intelligence rather than just becoming emotional. This is the reason you need to pull out before it’s too late. One of the biggest tricks that most of the gamers use is that they become easy on you first and the moment you become over-confident that you are going to win, they start winning. People when become over-confident, they take rash decisions and rather than thinking logically they jump into the situation.

Rule of bluff

In movies hero may act cool and bluff because he is scripted that way. But in real life when it comes to bluffing people usually over-estimate the need of bluffing. It is important to know that sometimes it is easy to win when you don’t bluff, especially if you know that the opponent has a habit of calling a shutdown, in this case it is very important to know that the bluff will not work on him.

Call to keep the honest hand

Most of the time there is a misconception that when you look at the final bet and you know that the person got you, most people in this situation throw the final call. This is a bad call, if you know he has you, why give him rest of your money? Just wait for it and don’t give up. This would be like pilling up your own money at the wrong place. When you know your luck is not working don’t panic, it is very important to assess individual sessions rather than thinking you are getting bad at poker.