The real fun is hidden in playing; it’s not about whenever we play we have to win the game. Everyone loves a gamble. Here are few casino games which are most popular worldwide. Few games are card based, and other are table games.

  1. BINGO:

This is a card game. In this game, the player has to match their numbers with matching a pair of the number. Every card comprises 5X5 matrix whereas every column makes a letter pattern

B- I- N- G- O. in the middle there is a free square. When one person has matched him all cards and make exact pattern he has to speak B loudly- I- N- G- O. doing so other players will stop playing, and all cards will be checked properly to announce the winner. Then new round will begin.


Baccarat is a card game. In this game, every player is given 3 choices: Banker, Tie, and Player. Firstly every player needs to place a bet. After this dealer plays, 2 hand game one is banker hand while other is player hand. If the hand is added up to 10 then 10 will be dropped, and by doing so, 10 will become Baccarat. If someone places higher of 2 then he will win the bet.


In this game, 6 symbols are placed on the table. Every player will bet on different symbol placed on the table. There is a wheel on which game whole game relies; this wheel is divided into 52 equal parts. Every part is separated by pins. After placing the bet, the wheel is spun. When the wheel stops at a point, it means wheel will point a single symbol. All bets on that symbol will be a winner of the game.

  1. KENO:

It is a lottery based game. It is based on 80 cards. Player has the choice to choose 20 numbers and a wager. The game starts by registering number. There is a caller in this game that will announce 20 random numbers and player has to match numbers given on cards as many as he can. Winner will be announced by highest matched numbers.

  1. SLOTS:

Slots is a machine game and are very famous, that plays different games. To start this game player inserts a coin into the machine. After inserting the coin, pull a handle or press button. This makes heel to spin. When wheel points a single point, the player will be paid according to their pattern.


Black jack is card based game. It is played between player and house. There is a dealer in between that gives 2 cards to each player including self. Dealer points his one card’s face upward and other card’s face downward. The player always tries to hit 21 number as close as it could be. 10 cards are face cards. Player can double their bet by hitting any card to end it up. Dealer showed his card. Everyone who can beat dealer is winner.