Game of kings or in other words chess is not just another board game you see on Gclub. The days are gone when chess was considered as a game for old people, this generation is doing better in chess than the old generation. It can easily be said that chess is going to be one of the best mental and intellectual exercise for everyone. It is good when it comes to developing the cognitive and problem solving abilities of the children. In an education system where children are taught to learn the information chess help the children to develop the cognitive ability to get out of a situation on their own. Here are four reasons why you need to introduce chess to your kids.

Develops creativity

Chess helps the children with developing the creativity and imagination. There is no hard and fast rule to play the chess, when you are stuck in a situation you need to find a way to get out of that situation. When child play chess his creativity improves through the ways he develops in order to get out of the situation.


We are raising a generation that has no patience; we don’t wait for things to happen. Technology has changed everything, now we get everything faster than ever. This has taught impatience to the kids, chess teaches patience. It might take one minute or one hour to make the next move. This helps the kid to take the time and then make decisions, this also helps in making better a logical decisions.


When you play chess you need to have faith on your instincts, not only this but you needs to know about the consequences of your decision. This helps the child to take responsibility of his actions and also make better decision and be independent in his life. All these things are good for the upbringing of the child.


Now a days children are either hyperactive or they are unable to focus on anything for longer period of time. When a child plays chess he learns the importance of concentration. The more focused he is on the work; the more likely he is going to win. When he knows about the consequences of his decision he will be more responsible in making his life decisions.