Most of the times we only consider games in Gclub that involve physical exercise. We think the only way to get better mental health is through a good physical exercise, this may be a case but there are other games that focus on building cognitive skills and mental capability. Some of these games are just a click away and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on them. These games help you to develop cognitive abilities and they are especially good for children who are at developing age. Most of the jobs and admission tests prefer people with good memory and in order to practice the memory you either eat things that are good for brain or you practice with different games and skills. Both of these things are expensive and need dedication, if you are going through the same dilemma you are at the right place. Following are some games that help you practice cognitive skills and they are not at all expensive.


Crossword puzzles are great if you want to practice puzzles. They are easily available in newspaper and there are different games available in app store for crossword puzzles. It is very important to know that practicing cross words more often will result as losing the effort, you’ll become better and this and you’ll no longer have to put in the effort. Solve the crosswords but do it once in a week.


It is one of the best games that help you to develop creativity, imagination, cognitive skills and patience. No matter how old are you or what generation you belong to, chess is the most effective game for your brain? Not only it helps you to learn better but according to a research this also helps in raising IQ.

Retrieval game

It is one of the most effective games, even psychologist use this game to check and help people to practice the information storage and retrieval. Although there is a specific game in which there is a picture displayed on screen for ten seconds and after almost twelve pictures you need to recall the things you have seen. Most of the time people don’t remember half of the items and it is normal but with the practice you get better at it. In case you don’t have this game just grab a tray and some random things from the house, take a look at everything and cover it with a cloth or anything you have. Then recall the things you remember.